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Unlimited gems. Unlimited food. Unlimited gold. The three resources that can take you to the top of the leaderboards. Conquer during combat and have the freedom to level up your dragons as high as possible. No download required and no one has gotten banned from using it yet.
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How to use it?

Learn to use the tool

  • 1

    Click 'Begin Hacking' Above

    Clicking this button takes you to the hack tool page. Here is where you will select all of your options.

  • 2

    Type in your account name

    Type in your account name and click 'Verify'. This will make sure you are using a real account and not some name that will make the application not work.

  • 3

    Choose how many gems and how much food and gold you desire

    How much do you need? Click the boxes that represent a certain number. If you want more than what is given, just run the hack tool again.

  • 4

    Click 'Start Hack'

    Now click start hack. This will kickoff the application that runs on our servers. It will compile a script of the requested amount of resources then send it to DC's servers.

  • 5

    Verify you aren't a robot

    We make you fill out a form to verify you aren't a bot. This is a necessary step, trust us. We have been botted so many times and everytime it crashes our servers. It sucks! So yes you must fill out a survey. It will take you less than a minute. Fill it out all the way until the end.

  • 6

    Check your account

    After you verified you are a human, the tool will tell you that it either worked or it didn't. If it worked, log into your account through facebook. NOT ON MOBILE. The hack will not complete if you do it on mobile. Once you're on facebook you might have to wait a few minutes until the server updates.

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Quick, simple, and easy to use. Now I have a level 50 Wizard Dragon!

dragoncity user1

I had to do it twice but it worked...lol

dragoncity Hack user2

The things you can do with unlimited resources makes this game a TON more fun.

Hack Review user3

TY dragoncityhackteam!! Everything works and I didn't get banned

dragoncity Hack Review user4
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Read the FAQ

  • Q. Why is this free?

    A. This Dragon City hack used to cost $25 dollars a month, but since October 2015 it is free for everyone with a valid Dragon City account. The reason we are able to make it free is because of the surveys you need to fill out to verify that you aren't a bot. Our affiliates pay us a portion so that we are able to pay the costs of the server and pay our staff.

  • Q. I'm a programmer myself. Technically, how does the application work?

    A. This piece of software works unlike the other hack tools you'll find on the internet. First of all, unlike the other tools, ours actually works. This is because we are sending real data to the Dragon City servers. We first take all the information you give us, like the number of gems, food, and gold you want. Then we compile a file that is sent to a hidden api on DC servers. The secret sauce is the forged private key that is written on the file. So they think it is from a real game, hence they accept the file and add the number of resources to your account. It's easy to explain but the code is very complex. We created it in ruby and python.

  • Q. Will I get my account banned?

    A. Not a single user has ever gotten their account banned using this hack. I've used this software for over a year and I still haven't gotten my account banned. We make sure this doesn't happen because we use proxies and ssh tunneling to hide our identities.

  • Q. What's up with these forms? Will it spam me?

    A. I know we hate filling out forms like you. But would you rather pay us $25 a month or just fill out a survey that takes less than 2 minutes? We took a poll and 95% of the people say they would rather do the form. So, just fill out the survey as fast as you can but make sure you use valid information because you might have to confirm your email. Once that is done the hack will instantly continue. Also, the people hosting the forms work closely with us, so we made sure that no one will spam you. They won't sell your email or other information either.

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Learn more

How the Dragon City Hack Tool came to be

I am a 21 year old programmer that lives in England. I've been playing Dragon City for about 3 years now. Ever since I got my first dragon and started leveling it up, I've been obsessed with the game. So 2 years ago, I decided to learn coding. I became obsessed with that as well. I would program all day and play dragon city all night. The only logical thing to do from there was to combine the two! So I made the hack you are using today. Of course, the hack barely worked and was pretty bad, but over time I polished it and gave it a nice looking GUI.

The software tool did not take too long to make. I joined a forum where me and a few others talked about the exploits present in the Dragon City architecture. With these discussions I was able to create an exploit that added the number of resources you had to your account, anonymously. The code is closed source and I've never shared it with anyone, but I plan on doing that once I retire from Dragon City.

What is Dragon City?

If you don't know what dragon city is then what are you doing here!? Haha I kid. Get ready to learn about the most addicting game there is to play on facebook and mobile phones today. This game is unique in a lot of ways. I really can't find a game that I can compare it to. You raise dragons from level 1 to as high as you can level them up to. You use resources to do this. You also fight against other dragons and other players in the stadium. This gives you a lot of experience and can also rank you dragon.

I think the coolest part of the game is breeding. You can breed so many different types of dragons. The higher level your dragons are, the better dragon you can breed. For example, to breed legendary types, you need to have ranked dragons. Ranked dragons are dragons that do very well in combat. Also, you can get special dragons called exclusive dragons. These types of dragons are very hard to get and can only sometimes be acquired through special events. The more exclusive dragons you have the better you will do! To learn more about DC check out the official page here.

With all that said, the most fun you can get out of this game is by using our hack to get all the resources you need to become the best player! Click the button below to get started.

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